First Watch

Of all the decisions that one has when traveling, most would probably be happy to have breakfast included in their hotel stay. I guess I’m not most people. I actually enjoy venturing out to find that luncheonette prized by the community.

First Watch is such a place. What makes it different is that they elevate the breakfast experience by serving complex dishes that are way beyond eggs and toast. One can choose very healthy dishes, from granola to high-protein, low-calorie wraps. Or, one can go the other way like I did, with a dish called Bubba’s Benny. It’s essentially southern biscuits and gravy, with eggs on top and potatoes on the side. My initial confusion was why they decided to use turkey sausage gravy, on what otherwise is a heart attack on a plate! I think it was just to enrich the savory flavor. I’d risk spiking my cholesterol again, once in a great while, and recommend you do the same.

I visited on a Saturday morning that was also the Fourth of July, where I was joined in the waiting area by many runners who had just finished the Firecracker 5k race. The wait was probably a bit more severe than on a more normal weekend, but as with most high-demand breakfast places, the later you arrive, the longer you wait.

The only negative tidbit I’d report is that the prices for everything seemed to be high, including the coffee. Most breakfast dishes with coffee, tax, and tip run pretty close to $15. It’s well worth the splurge, but it’s also high enough to make me wonder why I didn’t book a room at a hotel that included a buffet!

Rating 4.0/5.0 – Really liked it

First Watch – Memorial
8104 E 68th St
Tulsa, OK 74133

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