Top China

Top China is my idea of what a take out Chinese restaurant should be.  It’s the type of restaurant that used to be a lot more prevalent before the growth of the Chinese buffet.  Here in Northwest Arkansas, it’s tough to find such a take out place, and not at all difficult to find the ubiquitous buffet, of varying success.  You can eat in at Top China, but it’s basically a take out experience, complete with plastic ware, Styrofoam cups, and paper plates, served at tables that even IKEA would consider rudimentary.

Let’s get to the food.  I always start with the Wonton Soup, and then move onto some combination of either Shrimp, Chicken, or Beef with Broccoli or Snow Peas.  Technically this could be counted as six dishes, though almost invariably I have the Chicken and Broccoli.  No matter what combination you choose, you will get good quality protein and fresh vegetables, cooked in a a delicious soy sauce.  I’ve had other dishes here over the past several years, but none recent enough to be provide solid recommendations.   That said, the food here is consistently good, with never a bad meal had over many visits.

When I visit a new Chinese restaurant, I typically sample the flavor of the Wonton Soup as a predictor of the quality of the cooking in general.  Sure enough, if a restaurant can’t nail the broth, they seem to have trouble in the main dishes as well.  You know you’re in for a treat at Top China from the very first sip.

Rating 4.5/5.0 – Really liked it

Top China
No Web Site
32A Sugar Creek Center
Bella Vista, AR 72714

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