Finding a special restaurant in the south is always tricky on a Sunday, since some are closed. In addition, there are several highly rated restaurants in Lafayette that serve only lunch, not dinner, making it even trickier to find Sunday dinner. I wanted to try something that was not seafood based, and I happened upon Romacelli, which is part of an upscale housing and small business planned community.

I was very excited by this beautiful restaurant, which had almost as much seating outdoors as the overly air-conditioned interior. Rarely do you find al fresco dining so beautifully lit – you could actually see your menu and other people around you. There were also quiet fans above keeping the air circulating.

If the food even came close to the décor, I was in for a real treat. The house Merlot was good, and a perfect accompaniment to my meal. I started with a cream-based mushroom soup, which was nicely seasoned, but a bit too thick and unrefined.

Romacelli - Creamy Mushroom Soup

The main dish was spaghetti and meatballs. The pasta was overcooked, though the overall dish worked. The meatballs had a bit of a chewy texture that I liked, and the red sauce bound the dish together. There was a wedge of dry pita-like bread stuck in the side of the bowl. It looks about as good it tasted. The grated cheese was served in a glass jar, which you rarely encounter today even at a chain Italian restaurant.

Romacelli - Spaghetti and Meatballs

Though I enjoyed my meal, it definitely reminded me more of a chain restaurant, on an off night, than a fine independent establishment. It’s rare that you find a restaurant in this area where the décor is the star, instead of what’s on your plate.

Rating 3.0/5.0 – Liked it

115 Stonemont Rd
Lafayette, LA 70508

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Bon Temps Grill

For my first dinner in Lafayette, I wanted a restaurant specializing in fish, which was also highly rated. Finding a fish restaurant here is like finding a McDonald’s along the highway, but a good one is a little bit harder to find.  In these parts, there are even restaurants that are open only during crawfish season, which I sadly missed by a couple of months.  You can still order crawfish, but it’s frozen or otherwise preserved from the March to June season.

When I arrived at Steve N Pat’s Bon Temps Grill, it looked like a shack.  To be fair, I did arrive at night, and perhaps it looks nicer in the daylight.  The interior was a step up, looking more like a college pub/restaurant, with a sea of purple and gold as the servers all wore the colors of LSU.

Bon Temps Grill - Interior

The food was a few leaps up.  I ordered a side Caesar salad that hit the spot, despite being a bit heavily dressed, as most Caesar salads are for my taste.  The main dish was the star:  I ordered the Crawfish Pot Pie, which came with a pie crust composed of an almond paste reminiscent of a well-made Galette des Rois. Moving to the center of the bowl, the filling was indeed scrumptious.

Bon Temps Grill - Caesar Salad

Bon Temps Grill - Shrimp Pot Pie

The side of Sage Sweet Potato mash, which arrived late, was worth a taste, and it honestly could have been a vegetarian meal in itself, along with the salad. I had just several bites since I wanted to try dessert.

Bon Temps Grill - Sage Sweet Potato Mash

There were just two dessert choices, though the mixed berry pie with vanilla ice cream on top proved that you don’t need to offer lots of choice if you can make every dish count.

Bon Temps Grill - Mixed Berry Pie à la Mode

Outside of dessert, the variety on this menu was impressive.  You could easily dine here for a week, and have different food each time.  If I returned, I would have something completely different, confident that it would be equally good.

Rating 4.5/5.0 – Really liked it

Bon Temps Grill
1312 Verot School Rd
Lafayette, LA 70508

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Chris’ Poboys

I was sent to Chris’ Poboys by the agent at the nearby airport rental car counter, since I wanted to find a good place to eat, but not miss out on afternoon sightseeing.  I arrived to the parking lot, where strangely almost half of the parking lot seemed to be marked off for handicapped parking.  Either Lafayette has a large handicapped population, or the restaurant is encouraging people like me, in need of more exercise, to work up an appetite for a pleasing casual dining experience.

Chris Poboys Parking Lot and Restaurant

I had the short six-inch Shrimp Poboy, which comes with a pickle and potato chips. Since I was in the mood for fries to match the battered shrimp, I saved the potato chips for a snack later. It was a good decision, since the steak fries appeared to be hand cut and home made, and cooked perfectly crisp without being greasy. The poboy itself was delicious.

Chris Poboys - Shrimp Poboy with Fries

I added a thick chocolate chip cookie to my to-go bag, which melted just enough in the trunk of my rental car to provide the perfect ooze, without the mess, when it came time to have an afternoon snack.  Searching for alligators in the bayou is hard work!

Chris’s Poboys is a local chain with several locations, which is good for the folks of Lafayette, but bad for me. I look forward to visiting again for a bite to eat that’s just right when time is of the essence.

Rating 4.0/5.0 – Really liked it

Chris’ Poboys
1930 W Pinhook Rd
Lafayette, LA 70508

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Deanie’s Seafood

Sometimes you visit a restaurant and select a dish you want, versus the one that the restaurant is screaming at you to order.  And you almost always lose! My experience at Deannie’s began at 9 p.m. on a Friday evening, and there was quite a wait even at this late hour. When I was finally seated, I was greeted with a bowl of what appeared to be small red potatoes, instead of bread. When I inquired about the weird bread, I was informed they actually were small red potatoes, and meant to be eaten by hand, with a bit of butter and salt, to taste.

Deanies Seafood - Red Potatoes

My mistake was in ordering the pasta dish, instead of one of the fried platters, which is their specialty. The shrimp was delicious, and had the added luxury of having the tails removed. The sauce, or roux as they say in French parts, was flavorful, but not pleasing. Instead, it was loaded with oil, which became less appetizing as I reached the bottom of the bowl.

Deanies Seafood - Shrimp Pasta

I wanted to try their bread pudding, as a way to tap into what they do well, and was pleasantly surprised. The nice round of pudding was topped with a delicous sauce and a copious amount of finely slivered almonds. Now if I could just take back the dumb choice I made for a main dish!

Deanies Seafood - Bread Pudding

The dining room décor is worth a mention.  The space itself is wide open, but you don’t feel overwhelmed by it.  The wall art is pleasing and the kitchen opens up smartly to the rest of the space.

Deanies Seafood - Open Interior

Deanies Seafood - Roux Mosaic

Deanies Seafood - Interior into Kitchen

Rating 3.5/5.0 – Liked it

Deanie’s Seafood
841 Iberville St
New Orleans, LA 70112

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Eating at a Brennan’s is actually not difficult. The extended family owns many restaurants in and around New Orleans, including the famous Commander’s Palace. However, eating at the original Brennan’s, is a wonderful experience.

Brennans - Exterior with Awning

The ambiance of each of the many dining rooms is special, as is the courtyard, which though outdoors, is fully surrounded by the indoor dining spaces.  Take a look at the restaurant Web site to see the many photos that show how beautiful this space is after the recent renovation.  When discussing my experience with a friend who visited 10 years ago, it’s obviously much changed.

Brennans - My Dining Room

Brennans - Enclosed Courtyard

If you visit at lunch, you order from the combined breakfast/lunch menu.  It’s a bit egg heavy, which surprised me a bit.  I decided if that’s their focus, then it should be mine, too.

Brennans - Breakfast and Lunch Menu

Since I’d already enjoyed a seafood gumbo at Acme Oyster House, I wanted to try it at a fine dining restaurant as well. It tasted about the same, which is to say I enjoyed it very much.  In a confession, perhaps I don’t know the different degrees of excellence of gumbo, like I do foods that I eat more often.  Or, perhaps, I’ve just had the good stuff, which is fine by me.

Brennans - Seafood Gumbo

The main dish was a Croque Madame, elevated by Serrano ham, delicious artisan bread, a tiny touch of black truffle, and a duck egg on top. It was the best Croque, Madame or Monsieur, I have ever had.

Brennans - Croque Madame

The dessert was a tiny round of triple chocolate cake, served with chickory-flavored coffee. Unless you go to Starbucks, it’s hard to escape this style of coffee when in New Orleans.  Again, go with it!

Brennans - Dessert and Coffee

In a restaurant where even lunch runs around $40, you expect a fine level of service and quality of food. Brennan’s didn’t disappoint in any way. The servers spoke reverentially of “Chef”, who is Slade Rushing.  He gets my bow as well.

Rating 4.5/5.0 – Really liked it

417 Royal St
New Orleans, LA 70130

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Morning Call Coffee Stand

I am writing about Morning Call just so I can share some pictures. Though the original coffee house on Decatur Street in the French Quarter opened in 1870, that has long since closed and moved to Metairie.  This outpost was recently opened as a second location, in City Park of New Orleans.

Morning Call - Exterior

I visited here as many do, as it serves as a coffee/bathroom break for tourists on a bus tour of the city. I am not rating the restaurant since I just had a small coffee to go, which was good, but I don’t feel I can fairly evaluate such a quick visit.

Morning Call - Interior

I look forward to visiting Morning Call again, since City Park is just across the street and the New Orleans Museum of Art is just a short distance down the street.  It’s most easily accessed by car, though it could be accessed in about 10 minutes, in daylight hours, by walking from the end of the City Park/Museum spur of the Canal Streetcar.

Morning Call - Coffee Kettles

No rating given

Morning Call Coffee Stand
City Park Casino
56 Dreyfous Dr
New Orleans, LA 70124

Café du Monde

Café du Monde is famous for coffee and beignets, and not much else. Its menu fits on the side of a napkin holder, listing several additional beverages to have in addition to coffee.  You have Hobson’s choice for something to eat, beignets.  I found it especially entertaining that their souvenir list is quite a lot longer, both listed on the window of the indoor enclosure, and as evidenced by their medium-sized gift shop across the street.  I’m a sucker for coffee mugs, so I did buy my beverage in a ceramic mug to keep after I departed.

Café du Monde - Outdoor Tables

Café du Monde - The Menu

I guess if you do two things well, stick to them! The chickory-flavored coffee is delicious, as are the warm beignets topped with powdered sugar. I dined here in the mid-evening for a light supper, after eating a pretty filling lunch. Perhaps it’s because I was here mid-week and slightly off season, but this part of the French Quarter, right next to St Louis Park, was dead at 9 p.m. and even a bit creepy.

Café du Monde - Beignets

I enjoyed my visit, though you’d think an establishment open since 1862 could do better than their graffiti-covered, cramped bathroom, covered with slogans about poorly paid and treated staff.

Rating 3.5/5.0 – Liked it

Café du Monde
800 Decatur St
New Orleans, LA 70116

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