Eating at a Brennan’s is actually not difficult. The extended family owns many restaurants in and around New Orleans, including the famous Commander’s Palace. However, eating at the original Brennan’s, is a wonderful experience.

Brennans - Exterior with Awning

The ambiance of each of the many dining rooms is special, as is the courtyard, which though outdoors, is fully surrounded by the indoor dining spaces.  Take a look at the restaurant Web site to see the many photos that show how beautiful this space is after the recent renovation.  When discussing my experience with a friend who visited 10 years ago, it’s obviously much changed.

Brennans - My Dining Room

Brennans - Enclosed Courtyard

If you visit at lunch, you order from the combined breakfast/lunch menu.  It’s a bit egg heavy, which surprised me a bit.  I decided if that’s their focus, then it should be mine, too.

Brennans - Breakfast and Lunch Menu

Since I’d already enjoyed a seafood gumbo at Acme Oyster House, I wanted to try it at a fine dining restaurant as well. It tasted about the same, which is to say I enjoyed it very much.  In a confession, perhaps I don’t know the different degrees of excellence of gumbo, like I do foods that I eat more often.  Or, perhaps, I’ve just had the good stuff, which is fine by me.

Brennans - Seafood Gumbo

The main dish was a Croque Madame, elevated by Serrano ham, delicious artisan bread, a tiny touch of black truffle, and a duck egg on top. It was the best Croque, Madame or Monsieur, I have ever had.

Brennans - Croque Madame

The dessert was a tiny round of triple chocolate cake, served with chickory-flavored coffee. Unless you go to Starbucks, it’s hard to escape this style of coffee when in New Orleans.  Again, go with it!

Brennans - Dessert and Coffee

In a restaurant where even lunch runs around $40, you expect a fine level of service and quality of food. Brennan’s didn’t disappoint in any way. The servers spoke reverentially of “Chef”, who is Slade Rushing.  He gets my bow as well.

Rating 4.5/5.0 – Really liked it

417 Royal St
New Orleans, LA 70130

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