Morning Call Coffee Stand

I am writing about Morning Call just so I can share some pictures. Though the original coffee house on Decatur Street in the French Quarter opened in 1870, that has long since closed and moved to Metairie.  This outpost was recently opened as a second location, in City Park of New Orleans.

Morning Call - Exterior

I visited here as many do, as it serves as a coffee/bathroom break for tourists on a bus tour of the city. I am not rating the restaurant since I just had a small coffee to go, which was good, but I don’t feel I can fairly evaluate such a quick visit.

Morning Call - Interior

I look forward to visiting Morning Call again, since City Park is just across the street and the New Orleans Museum of Art is just a short distance down the street.  It’s most easily accessed by car, though it could be accessed in about 10 minutes, in daylight hours, by walking from the end of the City Park/Museum spur of the Canal Streetcar.

Morning Call - Coffee Kettles

No rating given

Morning Call Coffee Stand
City Park Casino
56 Dreyfous Dr
New Orleans, LA 70124