Thanks for helping me choose the site logo and typography

Three days ago, I asked for help in deciding the logo and typography for my site, giving you three choices that I narrowed down from the original six.  The winning design was choice #2, though many people also liked choice #1.

Now, it’s up to me to learn more about WordPress and get this site looking more professional.  I hope to have much of the design work completed in the next month, and also to have some new reviews on the way as well.

Winning Design:

Choice 2 - Plate

Choice 2 – Plate


Which Logo and Typography do you prefer?

Update:  The poll is now closed.  Thank you for voting, if you got a chance to do so!

Please help me decide which of the following logos and typefaces you like, by answering the poll below.

Since the images in the poll itself are tiny, here are the choices as they will be presented:

Steaming Platter

Choice 1 – Steaming Platter

Choice 2 - Plate

Choice 2 – Plate

Choice 3 - Utensils

Choice 3 – Utensils

Thank you for helping me decide the design of my blog!