My restaurant blog is a convergence of several random factors.  Back in the day, you could review several restaurants for Zagat, and get a free guide as a result.  After moving to Arkansas from Connecticut, I became a reviewer of New York City restaurants, strange as that seems.  Since I could no longer walk to my stop on the Metro-North Railroad and be in the center of Manhattan within an hour, I decided that I’d make deliberate plans to visit as many restaurants as possible during my trips back to New York.  I’d often eat at the Shake Shack and Eleven Madison Park, and all price points in between.

All of that ended when Google bought Zagat, and decided to wipe out all of the crowd sourced reviews from its Web site, and with just a couple of weeks notice.  If that wasn’t bad enough, visits to Eleven Madison Park ended when the four-course lunch at $74 was abolished in favor of an all-day prix fixe, which was recently raised to $225.  For sure, I’d be spending more time across the street in Madison Square Park at Shake Shack!

As for reviewing, I was willing to give it a second shot, this time on Urbanspoon, now Zomato.  A good friend back in Arkansas recommended it since she had built a nice list of local places.  Her reasoning was quite simple:  It helped her remember both the good and bad experiences.  If it could help others, even better.

Then, it happened again, when Urbanspoon announced it had been acquired by Zomato.  Fortunately for me, Zomato bases its model on crowd sourced reviews, and even encourages bloggers to link with them.  I have always been fascinated by Web development and blogging, and starting and maintaining a blog would help me learn more than just reading a book.  I was also going on vacation in New Orleans, which is certainly one of the most exciting food cities in the country.

Thus, Good Food, Good Life was born in September 2015.

The result is just awesome!  People who I have never met, and probably will never meet, are reading my blog, and I’m reading theirs!  Sure, I have to be a bit more disciplined when I visit restaurants, making sure to get the perfect picture before starting to eat and keepig notes of what worked and what didn’t, but it’s a small price to pay doing what I enjoy!


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